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Golf Saint-Thomas à Bézierss

Golf Saint-Thomas
Route de Bessan
34500 Béziers
Phone: 00 33 4 67 39 03 09
Fax : 00 33 4 67 39 10 65



Golf Saint-Thomas à Béziers

Designed by Patrice Lammbert, the 18 holes vary a great deal and the golfer is faced with real difficulties. The main impression that one is left with is of a place of peace and quiet due to the beautiful setting surrounded by all the different colours of nature.
There are many animals around the course, such as ducks, partridges, hares and rabbits, confirming the impression of a place of natural interest.
From a technical point of view, while all your golf clubs are necessary to play the course, a successful round also requires intelligence and a solid game.
The clubhouse is well equipped and as with the course, leaves the visitor with a pleasant feeling of well-being.

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The course was constructed in a natural setting in the centre of the garrigue. The first five holes are in a wood and require maximum care.

The ball must be placed and not driven. You will need to conserve your strength for the 15th, 16th, and 17th holes as their are water obstacles to clear which are waiting to swallow your golf ball!

The golden rule of this course is not to take unnecessary risks and to play wisely.



All zones marked out with stakes or blue or white lines, such as ravines caused by the rain or watering or ruts made by mowers and other equipment, or even those that are not marked out, are considered as abnormal conditions.There is no relief from the rough and ridges on the 14th hole (cf Rule 28).

Young plants : Poplar trees and locust trees which make up the hedges have a hose pipe at their bases which is considered an ‘irremovable obstruction’ and rule 24.2 applies.
When there is a stay (from a bridge) and/or a stake, the whole of the tree/stay/stake//basin at the base must be considered an ‘irremovable obstruction’ and rule 24.2 applies.
Except for the paved paths next to the 1st and 18th holes, all paths, including those with artificial surfaces, are considered integral parts of the course. No relief may be taken, and the player must either play the ball as it lies or deem his ball unplayable (cf Rule 28).
Course boundaries are defined by the pickets and wires of the electric fences for wild boars.




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